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Online Learning FAQ

  • What is online learning?

    Whether you call it e-learning, online training, distance education, remote learning, or distance learning, online learning is a broad term for any educational program taught outside a traditional classroom using a computer and internet connection. It can range from group courses with video lectures from a college professor at an online university to self-guided, professional development courses where you set your own pace.

  • Should I take an online learning course?

    Online learning is for everyone at any age and at any point in their educational or professional career. Parents can find fun activities and lessons for their grade school students to supplement their classroom offerings and keep their minds sharp on the weekends and during the summer. High school and college students can take advance classes to earn additional college credits or get extra help to prepare them for big exams. Working professionals can learn new skills and earn certifications to bolster or start a new career.

  • What subjects can I study via online learning?

    There’s virtually no limit to what you can learn! You can take business and economic classes, learn how to speak Spanish, math subjects like algebra and calculus, how to write computer programs in Python, US history, biology or anything else you’re interested in.

  • What do I need to take online learning courses?

    All you need is access to a computer and an internet connection. And if you’re reading this right now, you probably have both! So what are you waiting for?

Online Learning Resources

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