College Planning FAQ

The college search looks a lot different than it did when you were searching for the perfect school. As a parent, you undoubtedly have college planning questions. Fortunately, we have the answers.

Early College Planning

Did you know that college planning can start as early as middle school? Find out when and how you should be talking to your child about college as well as how you can both begin the college search easily.

College Financial Planning

While a great deal of planning goes into the college search, the biggest conversations should center around who is paying for college. The earlier you begin financial planning talks, the better you will be equipped to find the perfect college within your budget.

Preparing Academically

Preparation for the college admissions process begins years in advance. Keep your child on track for a college education by helping them navigate their high school courses and standardized tests.

Extracurricular Activities

Athletic teams, after-school organizations, and volunteer opportunities aren't just ways for your child to stay busy after school. They will be paramount to future college decisions.

Finding the Right College

There are a variety of factors that go into determining which school is the right college for your child: location, cost, and post-graduate outcomes, just to name a few. Navigate these together.

Applying to College

Applying to college can be stressful for students; that's why many families make it a team effort. Support your child by staying up-to-date on the components and timeline of the college application process.

Choosing a College Major and Career Path

Oftentimes, high school juniors and seniors struggle to make finite decisions about their college major and career path, and that's perfectly normal. Help them begin the major and career decision making process, which can take a few years to figure out.

College Acceptance

The college application is so much more than one form. There are a lot of components, and your child should be prepared for each one.