Your Privacy Choices

Pursuant to various state privacy regulations, such as CCPA/CPRA and VCDPA, residents of those states have privacy rights that include, but are not limited to the right to opt-out of selling and/or sharing their personal information and the right to limit the use of their sensitive personal information. In an effort to provide the same experience to all Fastweb users, we have made these rights available regardless of your state of residence.
Fastweb uses device identifiers, such as cookies, beacons, and IP addresses, that we may provide to other companies to improve our websites and apps, show our ads when you visit other sites and apps, or allow other companies to show their ads on our sites and apps. If you don’t want us to “sell” or “share” these device identifiers, please select your preferences for this website or app below.

Do not sell or share my personal information.

Limit the use of my sensitive personal information.

Note: If you want to apply “Do Not Sell/Share” and/or “Limit the Use of Sensitive Personal information” settings to your account profile, please complete an opt-out request form here.

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You may review our Privacy Policy anytime by clicking here or by clicking on the privacy policy link in the homepage footer.